Fiona Tebeck  (Medicine Woman)  Dr.Ac.,N.D.,T.C.M.


Dr.Ac. (Doctor of Acupuncture)

N.D. (Naturopathic Diploma)

T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

I’m a Naturopatic practitioner with 20 years of practice behind me.
I’ve seen all variations of unhappy, unwell patients.  They may suffer skin problems, pain, digestive problems, fertility concerns, and more.

Most have been to the Doctor or the Specialist, and tried their drugs. They still feel ill.

Every person that comes to see me for help with their personal concern, without fail, I will teach “the Alkaline Diet” basics.  Every problem I encounter has an acidic cause.  I’ll repeat that, “Every problem has an acidic cause” Now I’m not talking about structural problems caused by an accident of some kind. But even in those cases, eg a knee hurt at football 15 years earlier, that knee will tend to be a weak area, that an acidic lifestyle will target and cause irritation in.

If the Diet is not evaluated the degree of success in any treatment is compromised.

I have 20 years of case histories, where an alkaline diet of around
75 – 80% of food consumed, will cause a positive affect.