Thyme for Health, is a clinic where accredited and experienced health practitioners spend ‘QUALITY TIME WITH YOU’, exploring your health concerns, with the goal to

Rejuvenate , Rehabilitate and  Educate

Been to the Doctor, Been to the Specialist, Still something wrong? Try an accredited practitioner at Thyme for Health. Practitioners that have studied for years and years in their fields of expertise.

DO NO HARM, approach.

  • You will be given TIME.
  • You will feel like YOU MATTER.
  • You will be TREATED according to the imbalances in your body.
  • You will be treated with HONESTY.
  • You will be taken SERIOUSLY .
  • You will get RESULTS. (Please allow for realistic results)
  • You will be FOLLOWED UP on.


You can also just treat yourself to a well deserved PAMPER.

Make your initial appointment and find out for yourself.